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“Chalko’s enthusiasm for working with children is clear… For months, we tried just about everything for our son and were amazed by how quickly he responded to the Walkie Talkie lessons. He’s made so much progress, and we could not be happier with the course!”​

-Jeanne Croteau (Author for

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Families with Autistic Children Recommend Walkie Talkie

Austin was diagnosed with Autism in the summer of his first session. As a result of this diagnosis, he struggled with a speech delay, eye contact, and socialization skills. The simplicity of the online course, combined with the engaging material and step-by-step guidance, has made a huge impact on Austin’s speech development.

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"My Autistic son was nonverbal but I took Kayla's course and it taught me so much. I'm so grateful that he is now talking in 4 word sentences!"

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Ken H.

“My nephew was diagnosed with ADHD and moderate-severe Autism. Our family sought out help, and Kayla and her courses turned out to be game-changing for the successful upbringing of my nephew.”

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Mother Finds Hope with Walkie Talkie

Janique is a mother of several children and an educator. Her pediatrician initially had concerns that her daughter was showing signs of Autism. So, Janique joined the course and dedicated herself to learning my step-by-step guide to teaching her toddler to talk. Now her daughter has a vocabulary of over 100 words and the pediatrician doesn’t suspect Autism anymore. 

Military Mom Sees Fast Improvement with Walkie Talkie Course

As a military family, Irene had limited resources when it came to helping her daughter speak. At 16 months, her daughter’s vocabulary should have included nearly 30 words, but instead, only included three. 

However, Irene didn’t lose hope. She searched for tips online and came across the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy YouTube videos and fell in love with how much they worked for her daughter. This prompted her to purchase the "How to Teach My Toddler to Talk" online course.

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    "My son has made such an improvement!"

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    Amanda B.

    "I am really happy to report, she got right back on track with her speech."

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    Brenna S.

    "I really appreciate the tips! I love the fun activities."

  • anna b testimonial image

    Anna B.

    "I have 16 month old twins and I found Kayla's course incredible helpful."

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    Christine K.

    "He's already learned new signs and words!"

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    "The video examples showing kids in speech therapy are so good!"

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    Roxana K.

    "We used both of your online courses for about a year now, which have been absolutely helpful! Our son is now talking in full sentences in English and learning a second language. We loved your course and would recommend it to other parents as well."

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    “We went from about 5-10 words to about 60 words in a few months. It made my mama heart so happy.”

First Time Parents Hear Son's First Words

These first-time parents, Heather and Jeff were at a loss for how to get their son to speak. At 17 months, his vocabulary should have included 50 words—but he was having trouble finding his voice. 

It wasn’t until the father came across the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy online course that they were granted some peace of mind.

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Jonathan C.

"This program helped out a lot for my daughter. We are making good progress."

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    Chiquita (Nurse and Mother)

    "When signing up for your course I was hesitant and not sure if the information would help, but after completing the course I am so happy I decided to do so."

  • Bryce (Medical Doctor)

    "Even as a doctor I did not know how to teach my daughter and I found Kayla's steps and tips invaluable."

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    Olivia F.

    "As a first time mother, I had no idea how to help my son and I was so stressed out. Halfway through the course my son has already improved so much."

Teacher's Advocate for Walkie Talkie Courses

Cari has been an early childhood educator for over 20 years and lived with the mindset that kids who live in sociable homes like her own, shouldn’t require speech therapy.

However, when Cari’s two children struggled to find their voice, she turned to Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy for help. It was through the “How to Teach a Toddler to Talk” course that Cari realized that there was more she could be doing for her children.

Walkie Talkie Courses are for Professionals too!

Speech Therapist and educators enroll in my courses to sharpen their skills. They loive the real-life examples of speech therapy activities and songs that they can use for their lesson plans.

Special Message for Speech Therapists

  • natalie testimonial image

    Natalie - Speech-Language Pathologist

    “I love your videos and have had incredibly successful speech therapy sessions with my toddlers.”

  • Ashley W. - Speech-Language Pathologist

    “The course has significantly improved my toddler’s language, attention, and social skills; I have recommended many of my clients use the course.”

  • enjood testimonial image

    Enjood - Speech-Language Pathologist

    “It’s a great course. I love my job even more than before the course.”

Speech Therapists Reviews Walkie Talkie Course

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Parents - Don't wait!

You need to know what to do and your child needs to learn to communicate. You can’t afford to spend months on a waitlist or to “wait and see” if your child catches up on their own.

Learn to help your child with my simple, step-by-step process that fits into your daily routines. By modifying what you’re doing, you will get more value out of the time spent on language therapy for your child.