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How to Teach a Toddler to Talk an Online Course

How to Teach a Toddler to Talk an Online Course

A comprehensive online course for parents and professionals who want to improve a child's speech and language skills.

Watch engaging speech therapy videos and follow professional techniques demonstrated by an expert.

Includes a free printable workbook complete assignments, learn activities, and track your child's progress.

This is the ultimate step-by-step guide to helping a late talker or child with a speech delay or disorder.

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Do you ever feel like...

  • Your child would be happier if they could communicate their wants and needs to you?
  • You feel lost on how to help your child and need a plan?
  • Your pediatrician told you to "wait and see" but you still feel worried?
  • You would rather spend less time wondering and more time making progress with your child?
  • You feel guilty and worried you are doing something wrong but don't know what to try next?
  • You waste time trying to figure things out on your own and then spend hours Googling what to do?

Can you imagine...

  • Saving HOURS of researching, allowing you to make progress now?
  • Understanding your child's wants and needs?
  • Building deeper more meaningful connection with your child?
  • 60+ Training Videos

    from the the basics of teaching to the secrets of the trade I've learned over 10+ years

  • 30+ Activities and Songs

    to practice at home with little to no prep or materials needed

  • Printable Workbook

    to walk you through the training videos and assignments with me

  • Priority Access to me

    through an exclusive community forum and a private facebook group

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Enhance Social Connection

  • Lesson 1: Early Social Development
  • Lesson 2: Decrease Screentime
  • Lesson 3: Increase Connection
  • Lesson 4: Maximize Daily Routines
  • Lesson 5: Social Games and Songs

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 2: Stimulate Cognitive Skills

Lesson 1: Early Milestones for Play
Lesson 2: Four Types of Toys to Look For
Lesson 3: Two Types of Toys to Avoid
Lesson 4: Toy Organization

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 3: Inspire Interaction

Lesson 1: Six Play Stages
Lesson 2: Prioritizing Peer Play
Lesson 3: Two Activities with Peers
Lesson 4: Two Songs with Peers

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 4: Boost Responsiveness

Lesson 1: Early Developing Responses
Lesson 2: Responding to Gestures
Lesson 3: Responding to Pointing
Lesson 4: Responding to Names

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 5: Elevate Understanding

  • Lesson 1: Following Simple One-Step Directions 
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Daily Routines

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 6: Build a Receptive Vocabulary

Lesson 1: Developmental Milestones for Receptive Vocabulary
Lesson 2: Body Parts Vocabulary
Lesson 3: Clothing Vocabulary
Lesson 4: Food Vocabulary

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 7: Motivate Vocalization

  • Lesson 1: Milestones of Vocalization
  • Lesson 2: Silly Songs
  • Lesson 3: Silly Actions
  • Lesson 4: Silly Sounds

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 8: Initiate Communication Success

  • Lesson 1: No-Pressure Modeling
  • Lesson 2: Teaching Signs in 7 Steps
  • Lesson 3: Encouraging Independence

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 9: Expand Verbal Imitation

  • Lesson 1: No-Pressure Play
  • Lesson 2: The Power of Simplification
  • Lesson 3: Verbal Imitation in 7 Steps
  • Lesson 4: Tracking New Sounds

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

Module 10: Ignite Independent Speech

  • Lesson 1: Mastering Motivation
  • Lesson 2: The Secret Ingredient
  • Lesson 3: Three Keys to Success

Wrap Up and What’s Next

Includes Assignments for Daily Practice

printable workbook three pages

Complete Easy and Fun Assignments

Utilize the printable workbook for completing assignments, learning songs and activities, while monitoring your child's progress.

  • yesenia testimonial image

    Yesenia C.

    "My son was completely non-verbal and diagnosed with ASD. I took Kayla's online course and it taught me so much. He is now speaking in 4-word sentences."

  • cari testimonial image


    "As a teacher, I can say this course has sound educational principles. As a parent, I can attest to how it's helping!"

  • adrianna testimonial image


    "Kayla's tips in the course are very, very helpful. I wish I had them sooner."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your speech therapy courses work?

More than 2,000+ families have taken part in our course and made significant improvements in their speech and language skills. Parents love how flexible, engaging, and accessible our speech therapy course is.

Should the courses replace speech therapy?

To achieve the best results, use this course while working in-person with a licensed speech-language pathologist. This course is designed to accompany in-person speech and language therapy by providing general education and resources.

Is this course for Autistic children?

YES! My courses cover essential techniques which apply to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

What ages is the course for?

This program is ideal for parents or professionals with children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years who are late talkers or children with expressive/receptive language delays. The course also covers important skills for teaching children with pragmatic and social skill delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How long is the course?

The course is broken up into 10 modules, each with bite sized videos that your can watch at your own pace. Total there is 4 hours of video content.

How many words should my child be saying?

The average vocabulary sizes for children are as follows:

  • 12 months = 2-6 words
  • 15 months = 10 words
  • 18 months = 50 words
  • 24 months = 200 - 300 words
  • 30 months = 450 words
  • 36 months = 1,000 word

If your child's vocabulary size is not within average, then my course can help you get your child caught up.

Are English Closed Captions Available?

YES! English closed captions are available for each video in the course.

Is the course available with Spanish subtitles?

Spanish subtitles are available for each video in the course. Enrollment also includes a Spanish translation of the course workbook.

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