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"Twinsie Turtles" Children's Book

"Twinsie Turtles" Children's Book

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Twinsie Turtles – Children’s Story Book

❤️ Our differences are what make us special. Brother and Sister Twinsie Turtles may be similar, but they’re not the same. 

🐢 They are good at different things, and that's okay—because both are great at being Twinsie Turtles! 

❤️  Follow the Twinsie Turtles as they celebrate their differences and learn about their love for each other and their family. 

🐢 Our differences are what make us special, after all.

❤️  Written by speech-language pathologist Kayla Chalko, this book is ideal for speech therapy with young children. The simple phrases, rhyming, and predictable pattern allow for excellent language learning.

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